A Guitar Method that Works


GuitarOn Definition-


noun. A Way of learning to Play. A completely new approach to teaching and learning the Guitar.


verb. To immerse oneself completely into the Pleasure and Power of making Music on the Guitar, as in "You are REALLY getting your GuitarOn!"


You start by learning how to make the Guitar silent. Then, using just
one finger, you begin making music. In the First Lesson. In the first
Five Minutes. Then you go through 30 Lessons. And then YOU are a
Guitarist. If you want to be, of course.

Download First Week of Lessons PDF(5) now, free, by clicking here.

Download or watch on YouTube Video First Week of Lessons now, also free, by clicking here.


GuitarOn is a 188 page book (ebook) , fully illustrated, that teaches anyone, even if you know NOTHING about the guitar, to play chords, scales, solo, improvise and compose music.


Total Power Guitar is GuitarOn made into software, so that every example can be seen, heard, and experienced. Everyone learns in their own unique way, and you can use either the software or the book on their own, but they are made to compliment one another. The Software teaches you to play whatever you want (songs, melodies, writing your own music) in very simple, easy-to-digest steps that anyone can do.


The book and the software are downloadable here, and may be used
together, or seperately.




Download chapters from the book HERE, and watch the



Who- Absoutely anyone who wants to learn. At any age. Students over 65 and students as young as 6 (students under 10-12 years of age are recommended to have an adult helper, but it is not required) have learned to play guitar using the GuitarOn Method.


How- By explaining WHY music works and not just telling you to 'memorize it'. By starting with one finger and making music, then two fingers, then three and four. By making music from the VERY BEGINNING, and not expecting you to "wait until you know more" before you can begin to TRULY ENJOY MAKING MUSIC.


Why- Because you want to.



Music is Magic, and Making Music is Making Magic. It's one of the most pleasurable things in existence, so it just makes sense that learning music on the Guitar should be one of the All Time Funnest Things to Do.


And now it is.


You need a Way that will get you playing NOW, and let you go as far as you want to. In other words, if you want to strum a few chords, and know just a little about guitar, you will. IMMEDIATELY. And if you choose to continue on, to soloing, writing music, performing, etc., you do so, because no corners are cut. You learn as much or as little as you want, on your own schedule.


Questions? Please contact GuitarOn with any and all questions or comments. Please explore and enjoy the site, it is a wealth of information, and you can begin playing Guitar RIGHT NOW, and even if you choose not to buy the book or software from GuitarOn.


Just play!


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